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The Mures have always had an affinity for the sea and fishing, over the years they have operated a number of fishing vessels the first being a 42’ Rocklobster boat named the Aquanita brought in 1965.

The Aquanita operated out of Dongara, a small town south of Geraldton WA catching a variety of seafood - Cuttlefish, Rocklobster, Jewfish, Octopus, Groper and Crabs. In 1966 trawling gear was fitted and the Aquanita steamed North to Nickol Bay near Roebourne WA to catch Banana Prawns, these large golden red legged prawns were caught by the ton along with a huge variety of fish - Coral Trout, Sole, Spanish Mackeral, Queenfish to name a few. Later the Aquanita joined five other West Australian boats, the first trawlers to fish in Northern Territory waters supplying the factory ship, Yalata. Early on the Mures realised they needed a bigger boat.

The Tully Falls a 70’ tug was purchased from Cairns Harbour Board and converted into a trawler. The Tully Falls fished out of Darwin for Tiger prawns and taking the odd cargo to the Catholic missions on Bathurst and Melville islands. Later the Tully Falls searched farther afield for prawns fishing around New Guinea.

After a number of years fishing in Australia’s Northern waters the Mures decided it was time to move back to Tasmania and try something new. In 1973 the Mures purchased an early Victorian cottage in Battery Point and named it Mures Fish House. One of the biggest problems at the time was the ready supply of fresh seafood so inevitably returned to fishing, starting Australia’s first commercial Blue Mussel farm at Margate.

Around about this time the Mures got into boat building and built the 50’ fishing vessel Melicent. The Melicent was a great success, developing the new Blue-Eye Trevalla fishery.

In 1986 the Mures built the Mures Fish centre on Victoria Dock consisting of the Upper Deck, the Lower Deck, Orizuro Sushi Bar and Mures Fishing.

In 1993 the Mures family brought the Kiella a 53’ Scallop Boat which was converted into a Drop Line Boat and skippered by William Mure with great success fishing around Tasmania and as far as the Gascoyne Sea Mount catching a wide range of seafood, Blue-Eye Trevalla, Pink Ling, Shark, Ribaldo Cod to name a few. She was later converted to a Long Line Boat.

In 2004 Mures purpose built the Diana a 76’ Auto Long Liner which has operated out of a number of Australian ports fishing in the Great Australian Bight, around Tasmania, off New South Wales, the Gascoyne Sea Mount and in our tropical waters of Brisbane.

In fact the Diana and Kiella still fish for Mures to this day.