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Mures Fishing

The Mures Fishing Dynasty lives on and is managed by son Will Mure and his dedicated team and crew. The Mures Fishing vessels include the Diana and Kiella which specialise in hook caught environmentally safe fishing. There is a 10-tonne freezer which will hold enough bait for 3-4 trips and a 20-tonne fish hold designed to produce the highest quality fish. There are two icemakers which produce up to four tonnes of sea ice per day. With sophisticated electronics capturing 3D images of the ocean floor for environmentally safe fishing.

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Mures Lower Deck

Situated in Victoria Doc Hobart Mures Lower Deck restaurant services fresh locally selected produce from sea to table. When you see the name MURES on produce, you think of home, family hospitality and fresh produce and where it is sourced. In particular how lucky we are as a united nation to enjoy the benefits of such fresh food from the pristine Southern Tasmanian oceans, offering Gold Medal hand sliced Atlantic Salmon crayfish, freshly shucked oysters and fresh tiger prawns, for all generations to enjoy.

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Mures Oysters Tasmania

From sea to table MURES Oysters are fresh from the edge of the world providing high quality wholesale Oysters to Singapore, Hong Kong Japan and Global markets. Most Oysters are farmed in a faster process due to warmer waters however the cooler region of Tasmanian Woody Island waters take approximately 2.5 to 3 years for an average Oyster to reach your plate for consumption. Each selected MURES Oyster is hand shucked daily to maximise freshness of each selected Oyster and natural sea aromas from the most pristine waters on earth.

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