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The Factory

Early on the Mures family decided they needed a processing factory in order to supply their restaurants with top quality seafood.

Today the Mures Factory has a number of production lines, producing a range of different seafood species such as Atlantic Salmon, Blue-Eye Trevalla, Blue Mussels, Clams, Pacific Oysters, Pink Ling, Scallops, Shark, Freshwater Eels, Southern Rocklobster, Trout and a variety of other Fin Fish Species.

Mures Hobart also have their own Smoke House and Value Adding Section producing a range of Gourmet Seafood Products including Marinades, Pates, Pickles, Roulades, Sauces, Soups, Terrines and a wide range of Smoked Seafood Products.

Subject to application the factory also offers contract processing and smoking.

The Mures Seafood Factory is located at 77 Chapel Street, Glenorchy Tasmania, 7010.

For information, please call 03 6273 4477 or contact us via our online enquiry form.

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 6am – 3pm

Seafood Pickups: Available 6am – 3pm or prior arrangement

Seafood Deliveries: Early morning run leaves at 7.30 am

                                  Mid morning run leaves at 10.00 am

                                  Afternoon run leaves at 1.00 pm

                                  (Delivery times may vary!) 

Saturday 7am – 10am

Seafood Pickups: Available 7am – 10am or prior arrangement

Seafood Deliveries: First and only run leaves at 10.00 am

Closed Public Holidays.