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Victoria Dock - Our Seafood Restaurants, Hobart

Victoria Dock, a working dock since 1804, is the home port for many Tasmanian Fishing Boats plying their trade around Tasmanians picturesque coast.

Experience the sight of these fishing vessels bobbing at their moorings or being unloaded at the dock, while enjoying a meal in one of Mures restaurants, famous for their fresh seafood caught by their own boats.

Mures Fish Centre was opened in 1987 on Victoria Dock and offers the following wonderful seafood experiences.

Mures Lower Deck, a family bistro serving excellent fish and chips, grilled seafood and magnificent Oysters and cold platters.

The Deep for ice cream, fantastic Tasmanian roasted coffee, cakes, muffins and delious continental or cooked breakfasts.

Orizuru Sushi Bar, for a taste of Japan on Hobart's waterfront.

Mures Upper Deck restaurant serving premium a la carte seafood overlooking the bustling fishing docks.

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